My Son's Birthday Cakes

All about My Son's Birthday Cake

On his 2nd Birthday, a sudden thought triggered to collect my son's birthday cakes which will be his memories later...a small feeling of joy I can give him tomorrow by putting some effort now....Hope i dont get beatings for eating cake on his name...LOL..:)

Here's are the cakes so far....

Malai Kofta curry & Paneer Tikka

Hi everyone

I couldn't resist doing Kofta Curry and Paneer Tikka which was in my wish list for a longer time.... Today is the day...

Both came out nice... Not the best but sure to tickle my taste buds :)

My son's first Diwali 2016

My son is 2 yr 5 months now and he is so excited this year to celebrate Diwali festival....Below is snacks and savories made/bought for this year by his Atchi and mama :)

He liked chicken biryani this time as it was less spicy and he slept for 3 hrs nicely....LOL

In the evening...Let this Diwali be the beginning of Good over Evil, Happyness over Sadness, Courage over Coward

Crackers....coming soon...

Coconut Aval

This is my mom's recipe. She used to make when we were small during school days. Today she did this to my son who liked it very much.

You need:

Coconut shredded


Dry roast the aval in little ghee until it is crispy. Then immediately add sugar and coconut as per your taste. Add spoonful of ghee and nix well until it all binds well.

That's all...Delicious simple yummy snack is ready.

Chicken Mela

Hi everyone

After a long time, I cooked on a special day.......I did Schzwan chicken,  Dragon chicken,  Jeera rice,  Broast chicken. Red & White sauce Pasta.

Everything came out well.

Recipes soon....:)

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