Bread Malai

My first introduction to this dish was in one of my friend's house in US. Thereafter, I serve this dessert whenever I invite my friends to home. This is also called as Shahi Tukra:)

You Need:

Bread - 6 
Milk - 1 lt
Badam - 15 (soaked overnight, peeled and chopped, Optional)
Sugar - 1 cup or Condensed milk - 1/2 tin
Ghee / Oil - To deep fry
Saffron - 3 to 4 strands ( If using sugar)

Deep fried bread in saffron flavored malai (Pic 1)

Bread Malai using condensed milk

Take the bread pieces, remove the sides (optional) and then cut into triangles.

Option 1:  Deep fry the bread slices in oil (Pic 1) .
Option 2: Alternatively if you are calorie conscious , you can also roast it in little oil/ghee in non stick tawa (Pic 2).

If you follow option 1, it tastes little more crispy than optional 2. But, I stress again, both the method tastes very similar and highly delicious. Guaranteed!

There are two ways to prepare the malai.

Way 1:

Sugar Syrup: Take one cup of sugar and one cup of water. Stir continuously till the sugar is dissolved. Add pinch of cardamom powder for flavor. Stir till it changes to light golden color syrup. Soak the bread pieces one by one in hot sugar syrup for a min and remove. Keep the remaining sugar syrup aside.

Take a non stick pan, add milk, remaining sugar syrup. You can add saffron now. The one litre milk should be reduced to 1/2 litre. Stir continuously till the mixture starts to thicken. This is called malai/rabri.

Soak the roasted bread slices in hot malai mixture and keep it in the refrigerator. Serve chilled. Top it with nuts.

Way 2:

This method is not time-consuming since the addition of condensed milk. Take a non stick pan, add milk, condensed milk. Stir continuously till the mixture starts to thicken. The one litre milk should be reduced to 1/2 litre.  Pour the rabri over the bread pieces and sprinkle almonds. Serve chilled.

Truly a royal dessert. Also called as Double ka meetha,  in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  Its another dessert which is really to die for! 

PS: No drooling over my bread malai :P

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