Baby Food Chart_Up to one Year

During 1st to 4th month:

I fed only breast milk and formula milk

During 5th month:

Cerelac - Stage 1
Black jaggery/ Karupatti
Apple - steamed and pureed
Banana - Pureed ( normal big ones, later kerala banana)
Pomegranate juice

During 6th month

Idli ( Pureed and mixed with dates / black jaggery)
Rice - Powdered and cooked
Sweet Potato
Kerala banana
Haldi / Turmeric powder

During 7th month

Mashed Idli
Avacardo ( can be given in 6th month onwards)
Beet root
Pepper and jeera powder (spice)
Green Peas

During 8th month

I included spices like turmeric, garlic, pepper, jeera, salt, cinnamon powder, ajwain powder while cooking Dal and vegetables.
Curd (optional) I stopped in between as he got UTI!
Chicken stock
Raisins puree
One tbln of normal Sambar to be added to idli
Barley water - But he was allergic so stopped.

During 9th month

Tender coconut ( you can start from 6th month onwards) Very healthy!
Breast chicken pieces - He has rashes and been fussy next day so I stopped.
Green chillies ( Mixed with dal/ragi)
Sambar rice
Rasam dal rice
Egg yolk
Sago (Powdered)
Curd (Stated again)

During 10th to 12th month

I gave various Idli with dates/jaggery, oats, rava, ragi for breakfast. Rice with curry/dal/sambar/rasam/curd/egg/black eyed beans for lunch. Cerelac with fruit purees for dinner.


First time tried  murukku at home for came out very well..

Rice flour - 4 cups
Ulundha flour - 1 cup
butter - 1 tbsp

mix everything by adding water and make it little soft consistency. use the murukku achu and use ladle to drop the murukku to hot oil.

It came out very well.

Home made Baby Food Receipes

To be updated as and when added.....

Avacardo Puree

Pics says it all....The final black shows the ripen avacardo which will be very soft when touched.

Just fork out the pulp and mash it. 

Vegetable puree ( any kinda of vegetables or combination of veggies): i pureed the vegetable till end of 6th month. Then I mashed the vegetables.

1. cut the veggies into small pieces
2. Add little water to the veggies and as well in the cooker vessel.
3. Cook for about 10 min to 15 min or 10 to 12 whistles.
4. Either mash it or puree in the blender

Dal Puree ( any kinda of Dal)

1. I have used one scoop of Dal
2. Add 1 tumbler of water and for three scoop add 2.5 tumbler of water.
3. Cook for about 7 to 15 min for one to three scoop.
4. If not cooked, keep again for one whistle.
5. Initially i was filtering the dal and giving the water and after he got used to the taste, I cook well and blend it or mash it well.

Angur Theratchai

Herbal for Baby

I have showed masakkai, dry ginger, vasambu, jaathikaai. I make paste out of it and give him along withgrape juice (prepared above) or with gripe water...

Vegetable puree ( any kinda of vegetables or combination of veggies)

1. cut the veggies into small pieces. I have shown carrot and potato here.
2. Add little water to the veggies and as well in the cooker vessel. Add a pod of garlic and haldi during 6th month as advised by my Dr.
3. Cook for about 10 min to 15 min or 10 to 12 whistles.
4. Either mash it or puree in the blender

Oats Powder/ Porridge


Initially during 6th month, I cooked the leaves in little water and blended. After that I filtered the extract. At the end of 7th month, I didnt filtered. I pressure cooked the leaves with spices and direclty added to the baby food like rice and cerelac.


Till 6th month , I powdered the rice and then cooked in water. From 7th month, I directly cooked in pressure cooker and mashed it with hand while it is hot and mixed with vegetables. It gave me a good textures which will enable baby to learn to swallow.

Kerala Banana

1. Peel the skin and deseed the banana  and cut into small pieces as shown below. Pressure cook like steam method as shown in first pic. Then puree it in the blender. I added the pomegranate juice in the banana while blending.

Desseeded Dates

From the 6th month, I added dates puree to idli, rava and oats. I cooked 6 no of dates in pressure cooker like steam boil method and puree it in blender. I filtered in sieve and made a thick puree.


Soak the rice overnight. In the pressure pan, add rice, moog dal, garlic, salt, pepper, jeera, cinnamon, ajwain, turmeric, any vegetables. add water and cook for about 10 min. It will be nicely mashed. Add ghee while feeding the baby.

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