Fallooda - An Indian dessert

After with all the spicy non vegan recipes, I'm here with a delicious, yummilicious, finger-licking drink to your taste buds..... Falooda!! As the name sounds different..this one is truly an different dessert/drink:) 

There are lot more versions in falooda...The authentic one calls for use of FALOODA SEV ( which can be prepared at home ( Check Here) and also use of basil seeds. I used vermicelli which we use for making payasam etc.  And also I didn't use basil seeds (Nanari ) as I didn't get it near my place. This is my version, simple and easy. 

You Need: (Serves - 1 no)

Rose Syrup - 6 tsp 
Whole Fat milk - 1 cups
Sugar - As per taste
Cashew nuts/Almonds/Pista - For garnish
Cherries - For garnish
Vermicelli - 4 tsp per serving
Vanilla Ice cream - 1 or 2 small scoops


If using, Soak the basil seeds for 30 min or more. Chop the nuts into mini bytes.

Once the milk is boiled, add the sugar, rose syrup (4 tsp) and mix well. Refrigerate this. Prepare this first in the morning and keep handy so that you can just use instantly when your guests arrive in evening.

Just before serving, take a pan, add water just enough to cover the vermicelli and cook. Strain the water and keep aside. It takes hardly 5 min.

Take the serving glasses, add the 2 tsp of rose syrup, then the boiled vermicelli, then slowly pour the chilled milk over the sides till 3/4 filled. Then top it with vanilla icecream. Garnish with nuts and cherries.

1. Be careful while pouring milk and ice cream so that you can form a layer.
2. Use of basil seeds is healthy version. After chilled milk, add the basil seeds. Then ice-cream and nuts.
3. The vermicelli should be in separate strands like in payasam. If the vermicelli is cold, it will stick to each other like in upma. So prepare this at last before serving guests. Add directly into glass while it is as separate strands.

The taste of ice-cream with the flavored milk, with healthy basil seeds and bytes of vermicelli along with crunchy nuts makes this dish unique......Mouth Watering isn't..? :)


  1. Wow the last line is really tempting me and the clicks as well :) Superb treat but now as I have cold can't enjoy this :(
    Palak Dal / Pasalai Keerai Paruppu Kulambu

  2. yummm Faloooda!


  3. Refreshing and yummy falooda. Beautiful clicks.

    Happy to follow you back.

  4. I used to have this when i was in india. here in US we don't get that taste. now thanks to u i can try at home.

  5. Hi First Time in your space. What a lovely collection you have happy to follow you.

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